The Conference as one of the first extreme events (X-Events) and analytics conferences in the world will establish an international cooperative relation among professionals and scientists from all over the world. The Conference has a humble mission of bridging on the basis of diffusing and exchanging of knowledge in business, X-Events and analytics in its capacity. Many professionals and researchers in business, economics, engineering, mathematics, statistics, biology, medicine, logistics, management sciences and all other related fields might attend the Conference.

The scientific theme and the program of the conference will include sessions with invited and contributed talks as well as poster presentations from all over the world exhibiting a broad range of topics. 

There will be virtual sessions within the Conference so that scientists may attend from all over the world.

We proudly invite you to participate in this prestigious conference that will take place in the fascinating city of Vienna in 2017.


First International Conference on Business, X-Events, and Analytics 2017

is organized by

  • European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics,
  • Journal of Algebraic Statistics,
  • Journal of Analytics,
  • European Journal of Mathematical Sciences,  
  • X-Events Dynamics LLC,
  • and
  • New York Business Global.

Topics and Themes

All are encouraged to submit papers to be considered for presentation at the Conference. Conference topics/themes include, but are not limited to:


  • Marketing

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Operations Management

  • Behavioral Sciences

  • Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Production Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics

  • Business Law

  • Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation

  • Quality Management

  • Corporate Governance

  • Disaster Management

  • Sports Management

  • City Management

  • Health Care Management

  • Organization Science

  • Human Resource

  • Critical Management Studies

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Strategic Management

  • Leadership

  • Business Intelligence

  • Change Management

  • Communications Management

  • Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Gender and Diversity

  • International Management

  • Management Education & Development

  • Political Campaign Management

  • Aviation Management

  • Maritime Management


  • Social mood

  • Complexity gaps/mismatches

  • Complexiometers

  • Sociometers

    Elliott waves

  • Landscape of events

  • Context of events

  • Random trigger

  • Events versus X-events

  • Measure of "X-ness"

  • Historical cycles

  • Trending points and critical points


  • Operations research

  • Management science

  • Mathematical modeling

  • Optimization

  • Simulation

  • Decision analysis

  • Multicriteria decision making

  • Game theory

  • Applied statistics

  • Statistical modeling and analysis

  • Forecasting

  • Econometrics

  • Data mining

  • Heuristics

  • Metaheuristics

  • Computing

  • Business intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Management information systems

  • Operations management

  • Production management

  • Big data

  • Data analytics

  • Marketing analytics

  • Financial analytics

  • Accounting analytics

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Human resources analytics

  • Health care analytics

  • Sports analytics

  • Military analytics

  • Government analytics

  • Legal analytics

  • Media analytics